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Manufactures bronze nut for meter Chile

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HI Bronze Meter Nut - Safe and Accurate Connection

Introducing the HI Meter Nut, the perfect solution to ensure a firm and secure connection in your measurement systems. Manufactured with precision and high quality standards, this nut is designed specifically for gauges, ensuring an exact fit and reliable performance.

Main Features:

  1. High Precision Internal Thread: Our HI Nut has a meticulously designed internal thread to ensure a perfect fit with externally threaded gauge components.

  2. Simplified Installation: Its intuitive design allows for easy installation, ensuring your meter is securely fastened and functioning optimally.

  3. Durable Materials: Made with high quality materials, this nut not only ensures a long useful life but also resistance to corrosive factors and adverse conditions.

  4. Specific Application: Designed especially for meters, it ensures seamless integration and fault-free performance in measurement systems.


  • Water measurement systems.

  • Gas meter installations.

  • Industrial measurement equipment.

  • Any application requiring a meter with a threaded connection.

Instructions for use:

Before installing the HI Meter Nut, make sure the meter thread is clean and in good condition. Thread the nut carefully to avoid damaging the threads and ensure a tight connection. Once connected, verify that the meter is securely fastened and ready for operation.


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