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Terminal So He
So He Bronze Water Terminal

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SO HE TERMINAL - Welding and Threading Fitting

Discover the SO HE TERMINAL, the ideal solution for mixed connections in your piping systems. Precision engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards, this fitting combines the strength of a welded joint with the versatility of a threaded connection.

Main Features:

  1. Hybrid Design: The SO HE TERMINAL combines a solder end and an externally threaded end, providing flexible connection options in a single component.

  2. Firm Weld: The weldable end ensures a durable, leak-proof joint, ideal for high pressure applications or where a permanent connection is sought.

  3. Precision External Thread: The threaded end has been meticulously designed to ensure a perfect fit with complementary parts, making it easy to install and remove when necessary.

  4. Robust Material: Manufactured with high quality materials, this fitting offers resistance to corrosion and a long useful life, ensuring reliability in your installations.


  • Hydraulic systems.

  • Drinking water networks.

  • Gas installations.

  • Industrial and construction projects.

Instructions for use:

Before installing the SO HE TERMINAL, make sure that the pipe surfaces are clean and free of impurities. Make a uniform weld on the corresponding end and carefully screw the threaded side into its complementary piece. It is recommended to perform post-installation pressure tests to verify the absence of leaks and confirm correct operation.


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